I was born in Arlington, TX in 1987 and when I was two years old our family moved to St. James, MO where we have lived since then. I am the second of 10 children and we currently live on a farm with about 140 acres. I have always enjoyed living out in the country and I love roaming the pastures and woods with my camera.

I have been blessed with strong Christian parents who have homeschooled my siblings and I all the way through grade school. I am currently pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Missouri - Rolla ( or after the name change in Jan. '08: Missouri University of Science and Technology) where my dad is the associate chair of the Mech. Eng. department. I should graduate in May 2008 and then I will be starting in on grad school. I have been able to take several classes that Dad taught and have really enjoyed them. I am also one of the few who enjoy Calculus, Physics, Circuits, etc. and I have often said that if I had the time and money, I would probably enjoy taking just about everything offered on campus.

My favorite activity by far though is birdwatching and my artwork and photography are simply my way of trying to capture the beauty that I see as I am wandering around observing God's creation. My mom has a degree in art and taught me the basics of artwork and photography. My first art classes were those that she taught to local homeschoolers. I was technically not old enough to be in the age limits of the class, but I sat in on them anyway and loved it. I have always loved competitions and have been blessed to have won the Jr. Duck Stamp competition in 2004 and the American Birding Association's 'Young Birder of the Year' competition in 2005. On the other side of the spectrum, I also headed up several winning robotics teams in middle/high school, taking part in the FIRST Lego League and Botball competitions.

From left to right: John, Joel, Amy, Nate Hobbs (Amy's husband), Anna, Dad (Keith), Nathanael, Josiah, Joy, Caleb, Mom (Kim), Glory, and me.